Stand Out & Grow!

E44 - Unlocking the Power of your Data

November 11, 2021

Data - What is it?

Data - How do you Interpret it?

Data - Can either save you thousands of dollars, increase your productivity or so much more!

If your company is not intentionally, and strategically, thinking about how you use data, you're leaving money on the table.

- Are you surrounded by more data, reports, and spreadsheets than you have time to look at?

- Do you leave business reviews understanding what happened, but not Why? or What to Do Next?

- Do you spend more time trying to pull, format, and organize data than you to analyzing it?

- Are decisions and strategies developed largely on the leader's "feel" for the business? You're not alone.


Too many companies look at their financials, customer sales, and a handful of KPI's and feel good they are good.


Tune in and hear how the Data Magician Lynn Corazzi CEO of Data2Profit can help you understand data.


You Got This!


Tune into this episode of Stand Out & Grow to learn more!


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