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October 8, 2019



Welcome to my podcast! I created this podcast to help businesses Stand Out & Grow! 

Hi, I’m Kat Ramirez your host of Stand Out and Grow. I want to help Businesses Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow by providing you tools, tips and resources to be successful. Building your business is really hard and knowing what marketing or advertising tools you need to help you become successful is extremely confusing. After 30 years of working with thousands of businesses, I am here to help you make good business decisions. I want to help you understand the programs that are available to you so you can Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow. 

I have over 30 years of Advertising, Marketing & Sales experience. I offer expertise as a sought-after Advertising and Marketing Consultant throughout the US. I am currently the CEO and Founder of adBidtise, helping businesses with little to no advertising budgets Stand Out & Grow with affordable advertising options.

I proudly served my country with the USAF and have an affinity for Veteran-Owned Businesses as well as Minority-Owned Businesses and Woman-Owned Businesses. I believe every business should have the resources to Stand Out, Survive, Succeed and Grow. I strongly believe no business should be left behind because they did not have the resources to survive!


In my 30 years of working with thousands of businesses all over the US the #1 objection for NOT advertising was:

"I can't afford to advertise!"

"I am here to tell you that you can't afford NOT to advertise!" ~Kat Ramirez



50% of businesses will FAIL in the 1st Year!

95% of businesses will FAIL within 5 Years!

Over 80% of businesses DON'T advertise at all!


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So let's get started.

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