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E74 - Best Lead Generation Strategies That Actually WORK!

November 14, 2022

Join me and my guest Marc Del Priore, Founder of TradeMarc Global LLC as we discuss the latest lead generation strategies that actually WORK

For the past 8+ years now, Marc has lost count of how many conversations he has had with CMO's, Owners, and C-level executives who were frustrated with their current lead generation vendors. According to them, many lead generation companies are inconsistent with their lead quality and some companies even try to send fraudulent leads. Marc's goal as the Founder and President of TradeMarc Global is to create win-win partnerships with all his clients and deliver valuable services that are backed by integrity.

In this podcast episode you will learn:

1. How many forms of marketing and lead generation strategies does your company need? 

2. How to grow your small business in a cost-effective way?

3. What does it mean to buy leads on a CPL model vs Revshare?

4. Why its is better to buy leads on a CPL model vs SEO?

5. What are inbound calls vs warm transfers?

Tune into this EXCITING episode of Stand Out & Grow with Kat Ramirez and get a FREE Consultation with Marc on your current lead generation strategies and tips on how to increase ROI!


Tune into this Episode of Stand Out & Grow to learn more!

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