Stand Out & Grow!

E73 - Pitfalls to Avoid as a Solopreneur

November 7, 2022

Join me and my special guest Keyshala Pettit, Founder & CEO of About Action Now as she shares solutions for the most common solopreneur pitfalls.

In college Keyshala majored in Business Finance, but would find her true calling in training and development. She left her corporate role at the height of her career in 2018 to work exclusively with organizations, teams, and individuals to grow leaders through leadership training, growth experiences and inspired merch.

In this podcast episode you will learn:

1. How to meet deadlines as your own boss?

2. How to adapt without falling into the realm of inconsistency?

3. How to cope with poor time management?

Keyshala helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives conquer fear, overcome procrastination, discover opportunity and take bold action with confidence. When she is not spending time with her husband, four kids, and cocker spaniel in Richmond, TX, she enjoys real estate investing, traveling, crafting, DIY projects, homes and décor, and healthy conversations on business, philosophy and politics.

Tune into this EXCITING episode of Stand Out & Grow with Kat Ramirez and get FREE access to time tracking tool and the "10 Days to Better Time Management" guide and video series by Keyshala Pettit.


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