Stand Out & Grow!

E67 - In Conversation with E. Sean Lanier, Retired Army Aviator

September 26, 2022

Join Kat live in a conversation with E. Sean Lanier, Ex-military Aviator and Founder, Resolve Solutions Inc. to learn about their mission!


MAJ (Ret) E. Sean Lanier is a retired Army aviator and multi-functional logistician with over 24 years of military operational, aviation, logistical, joint-planning, and strategic planning experience. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Resolve Solutions Incorporated. RSI is an Alexandria, VA-based 501c(3) that helps high school and college students pursue careers in military and/or civilian service.


So RSI has supported 551+ kids across 23 states who have earned $51 million towards undergraduate degrees. In 2021, RSI had 38 students who graduated college and became commissioned officers representing all five service branches. RSI's goal is to scale up to 500 students annually within the next five years.


Tune into this EXCITING episode of Stand Out & Grow with Kat Ramirez and learn more about how RSI is turning around young American lives!


Tune into this Episode of Stand Out & Grow to learn more!

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