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E65 - Do You Have A Covid Recovery Plan?

April 7, 2022

Please join me and my special guest Lorry Rifkin, CEO of Clarity Management LLC

Lorry will chat about why you should have a COVID Recovery Plan

Do you have a post COVID plan to supercharge your business's recovery?

Learn How to Create one by asking questions like.

Have my customer expectations changed?

Do I need to change my supply chain?

How will social distancing affect my business once reopened?

Did your bank respond the way you wanted on your PPP loan?

Have you taken steps to maximize your PPP loan forgiveness?

Do you see any new business opportunities that COVID opened up for you?

How are you going to build liquidity so if a COVID wave 2 comes you are bettered prepared?

Will your employees expect more because unemployment paid more than your current wage.

You Got This!

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