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E56 - Are You Riddled with Failure Adversity Setbacks Challenges and Obstacles

February 3, 2022

Learn how you can overcome F.A.S.C.O.

Join me and my Special Guest JJ Birden President of Team X 88 Inc.

JJ helps people and companies with F.A.S.C.O. (failures, adversities, setbacks, challenges obstacles) he will offer tips to help you deal with them especially now?

If we develop the habit of conquering those “setback” moments and seeing them for what they truly are: we have opportunities for growth, for greatness, and for breakthroughs.

Those moments can take us to bigger and better things, or they can take us down and out. It’s your choice!

JJ had his own setbacks:

The average NFL career is less than two years. The average NFL player is 6’2, 245 pounds.

He played nine seasons at 5’10, 157 pounds.  Talk about beating the odds: good thing I never cared about odds.

Join me as I have a candid conversation with JJ and find out how he can help you and your business Grow.


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